Saturday, November 14, 2009

Sorry bout...

...all the car post, but I have roadsters on the brain.

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  1. that roadster was found by a guy in No. California.
    story goes that it was in an old hot rod movie,then sold after the movie.
    the owner and his wife owned a little air plane hangar,where it spent decades just sitting.
    when the old man died,the widow had a estate type sale or something. the guy who bought it couldn't believe his eyes. he new exactly what movie it came from. he got it for next nothing i heard.
    he even got alot of rare extra hot rod parts that were in big boxes in the hangar.
    i wish i could remember what movie it was. i have seen it myself,but many moons ago.
    i almost had a chance to see this raodster with my own eyes,but the window of chance slipped through the cracks.
    yes...there still is treasures out there...waiting to be rediscovered.
    i'm stoked to see a photo of that roadster on your blog.
    right on.