Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Maxton LSR season finale.

A great way to finish a race season, record breaking and celebrating. This year has been pretty rad, set a 158mph record at Loring's 1.5 mile track with the black B/F bike, set a 123mph record with the orange N/A bike, and finally broke into the 150's with the black B/F bike after years of attempts at Maxton's 1 mile track.

So this years records,...
ECTA, maxon 1 mile
M/PF-650/4 122.326mph
MPS/PBF-650/4 151.042mph (black bike)
MPS/PBF-750/4 149.732mph (black bike)
, loring 1.5 mile
MPS/PBF-750/4 158.665mph (black bike)

Next season should prove to be an eye opener for you brit bike guys, for now it's back to the mad scientist lair....

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